We just decided to create these kits after talking to one of the canvas guys here in Daytona Beach; his suggestion. Each kit has a piece of Sunbrella canvas 12 inches wide by 45 inches long, a bottle of permanent fabric adhesive, and instructions to make the job go quickly and easily.

The trick to doing the job right is to first mask/ outline the area you want to cover, then cut that size piece exactly. Next, cut just the tip off the spout of the glue bottle. Carefully squeeze a bead of glue all around the edges of the patch, leaving about an eighth of an inch space at the edge. Then squeeze glue back and forth in a snake pattern on the rest of the patch, leaving about one inch between rows. Then place the cutout piece in place (this stuff sets up quickly). Make sure there are no wrinkles or bubbles. Glue will usually squirt out the sides onto your tape; remove the tape immediately--don't let the glue dry on the tape. Allow the patch to dry for several hours, just to be on the safe side.

Kits are available in four popular colors: Navy Blue, Pacific Blue, White, and Black.

The price for each kit is $37.95 (plus 6.5% tax if in Florida) plus $8.50 shipping and handling. We accept checks and money orders only. Please mail your order and payment to: BG&S, Inc., 2958 Oceans Trace, Daytona Beach, FL 32118-5900.

Email us at or CLICK HERE TO ORDER; we'll be ready to ship by the time your payment arrives.


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